PUR – Hot melt adhesive 607.30/31

PUR hot melt adhesive


To be applied with automatic edgebanders and high-speed wrapping
machines. Wide field of application, e.g. edges made of HPL/CPL, polyester,
PVC, ABS, PP, resinated paper, solid wood or veneer.

Directions  For Use:

Fast setting, high initial strength. Crosslinking within a few days, depending
on humidity and material moisture. Good elasticity at low temperatures
 as well as good resistance to solvents.
Processing with special equipment from moisture-proof sealed containers.

Application temperature [°C]: 100 - 120 (depending on application)
Reaction time [d]: 3 – 5
(depending on ambient conditions)

Technical Data:
Density [g/cm3]: approx. 1.10

final digit 0 = amber
final digit 1 = white





If necessary, flush out hot melt remnants from the melt and applicator units
with Jowat® Flushing Agent 930.70 (yellow-beige) or 930.74 (red).
Crosslinked, solid material has to be dissolved with Jowat® Cleaner 930.60
(please test for suitability before use).
For more information, please refer to the “PUR hot melt Manual” under the
heading “Maintenance and Cleaning” (available upon request).


May be stored for 6 months after date of delivery ex production site
in original sealed containers, for 12 months in cartridges, cool and dry
(15 – 25°C).


Moisture-proof sealed containers. Types of packaging and units upon


For further information concerning handling, transport and disposal, please
refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.
Our information on this data sheet is based on test results from our
laboratories as well as on experience gained in the field by our customers. It
can, however, not cover all parameters for each specific application and is
therefore not binding for us. The information given in this leaflet represents
neither a performance guarantee nor a guarantee of properties, nature,
condition, state or quality. No liability may be derived from these indications
nor from the recommendations made by our free technical advisory service.