1-component PUR prepolymer 685.17

1-component PUR prepolymer 685.17



Adhesive for bonding soft wood species, insulation material, windows,
doors, construction elements; also suitable as lacquer glue for surfaces
which are difficult to bond, for instance water-resistant particleboard, foam
and insulating materials to concrete, cork and coated cork, to ceramic and
laminate tiles, stone and many other materials.
Not suitable for larch.

Directions For Use:

Good adhesion to many substrates, moisture-curing. Heat resistance
according to the Watt 91 >7 N/mm2 and HRT 92 approx. 120 °C.
Meets the requirements of D4 according to the EN 204/205.
Adhesive application in a bead from the cartridge, if necessary spread with

Processing temperature [°C]: >+10
Open time at +20 °C [min]: approx. 15
Pressing time at +20 °C [min]: 30 - 60
Foam development: slight foaming.

If the product is processed cold, the minimum ambient and substrate
temperature is +10 °C. It is advisable to fog the adhesive film or the substrate
to be bonded in case the materials are non-absorbent or wood moisture is
below 8 %. Please take care during pressing to prevent the press from
glueing shut. Coat the press with a suitable Jowat® Separating agent for PU
adhesives. We recommend using release paper. Bonding results depend on
the material properties and processing conditions. We therefore recommend
preliminary customer trials.


Technical Data:
Viscosity [mPas]: pasty
Density [g/cm³]: approx. 1.2
Solids at +20 °C [%]: approx. 100
NCO content [%]: approx. 6
Appearance: beige
Solvents: none




Before curing the prepolymer can be cleaned with a solvent-soaked rag for
instance using Jowat® Thinner 401.30 or with Jowat® PUR Cleaner 402.30,
after curing only mechanical removal (emery paper).


May be stored for 6 months after date of delivery ex production site, in
properly closed containers, cool and dry (15 – 25 °C).

Packaging: Types of packaging and units upon request.

For further information concerning handling, transport and disposal, please
refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.
Our information on this data sheet is based on test results from our
laboratories as well as on experience gained in the field by our customers. It
can, however, not cover all parameters for each specific application and is
therefore not binding for us. The information given in this leaflet represents
neither a performance guarantee nor a guarantee of properties, nature,
condition, state or quality. No liability may be derived from these indications
nor from the recommendations made by our free technical advisory service.