Jowacoll 102.49

For processing with Jowat® crosslinking agent 195.60 or with Jowat® crosslinking agent 195.62 



Glue for bonding hard wood species (oak, beech), species with high resin
content: (pine), tropical wood species (teak, meranti), and wood with
moisture content up to 15 %. For assemblies exposed to direct weathering,
with adequate surface protection, e.g. for window frames or formwork panels

Basis: Copolymer dispersion
Characteristics /
Directions for Use:

Jowacoll® 102.49 has to be processed with Jowat® crosslinking agent 195.60
or 195.62. Very high water-resistance, temperature resistance, mechanical
strength, very good joint-filling properties, relatively resistant to solvents,
excellent long-term heat resistance.
When used correctly, Jowacoll® 102.49 will meet the requirements according
to D4 under EN 204/205, and the watt ’91 > 7.0 N/mm² (tested by the ift
Rosenheim). Without hardener, the durability class D2 according to the EN
204/205 will be reached

We recommend that all materials coming into contact with the glue are
made of high-quality stainless steel (German standard V2A or better) or
of inert plastics, e.g. Teflon, PP, polyamide. Avoid contact with other
metals like zinc, brass, copper or aluminum. For more information,
contact the equipment manufacturer or our technical service.

Mixing ratio: Jowacoll® 102.49 with
Jowat® Crosslinking agent 195.60 = 100 : 7 - 15 ppw
Jowat® Crosslinking agent 195.62 = 100 : 7 - 15 ppw

The mixing has to be carried out very thoroughly; if the quantities are high,
use of a feeding-mixing unit is recommended. Suitable for all standard
applicator systems, like brush, spatula or roller. Avoid contact with iron,
tanniferous wood may discolour.

After mixing with the Jowat® crosslinking agent 195.60/195.62, do not
close the containers tightly, since they may burst due to formation of CO2.

 Jowacoll 103.70z

Viscosity [mPas]
(without crosslinker) :
approx. 11 000 (Brookfield)
Solids [%]:  approx. 60
Density[g/cm3]:  approx. 1.5
pH value approx. 7
Min. temp of film formation [°C]: approx. 5
Appearance of glue film: translucent

Min. temp. for
materials, glue and ambient air [°C]:

15 (not identical with min.temp. of
film formation)

Processing time

(depends on how well the product
was stirred) [h]:

 approx. 2
 Glue application:  one-sided
 for high quality requirements.  two-sided
 Quantity applied [g/m²]:  150 - 200
 Open time [min]  10 ± 2
 Pressure [N/mm²]:  > 0.5
 Min. pressing time at RT [min]:  approx. 25
 Pot life:  max. 2 h

Longer pressing times will result in higher strength, according to all test
methods.Tested at 8 - 10 % wood moisture, 20 °C, following EN 205
(application amount > 150 g/m², one-sided). The hardener may not come into
contact with water or moisture, otherwise it will cure prematurely.


Machines and equipment may be cleaned after use of the mixed components
with warm or cold water, using Jowat® Cleaner Concentrate 192.40. Parts
soiled with crosslinking agent are to be cleaned with Jowat® Thinner


May be stored in properly closed original containers, cool and dry
15 - 25 °C) For expiry date, please refer to label.
Protect against frost!

Packaging: Type of packaging and units upon request.

For further information concerning handling, transport and disposal, please
refer to the Safety Data Sheet.
Our information on this data sheet is based on test results from our
laboratories as well as on experience gained in the field by our customers. It
can, however, not cover all parameters for each specific application and is
therefore not binding for us. The information given in this leaflet represents
neither a performance guarantee nor a guarantee of properties, nature,
condition, state or quality. No liability may be derived from these indications
nor from the recommendations made by our free technical advisory service.