Jowacoll 107.10

PVAc 1K D4 Glue with high heat resistance (WATT '91)



For all bonds with good heat resistance (Watt '91) requiring increased
resistance to wet environments, e.g. for doors, windows and furniture in highhumidity
areas. General-purpose glue for soft and hardwood bonding, as well
as for particleboard and other wood-based substrates.

Directions for Use:

If used according to instructions, Jowacoll® 107.10 will meet requirements
according to durability class D4 according to the standard EN 204 and the
EN 14257 (Watt '91) > 7.0 N/mm2 (tested by the ift Rosenheim).
Slow setting; the glue sets fast at temperatures above 70°C.

We recommend that all materials coming into contact with the glue are
made of high-quality stainless steel (German standard V4A or better) or
of inert plastics, e.g. Teflon, PP, polyamide. Avoid contact with other
metals like zinc, brass, copper or aluminium. For more information,
contact the equipment manufacturer or our technical service.

For all usual applicator systems. Avoid contact with alkaline substrates or
with iron, tanniferous wood may discolour.


 Jowacoll 103.70z

Min. temp. for
materials, glue and room air [°C]:

15 (not identical with min. temp. of
film formation).

Glue application: one- or two-sided *)
Quantity applied [g/m2]: 100-200
Open time [min.]: approx. 10
Pressure [N/mm2] : >0.5
Minimum pressing time [min.]:
at RT: approx. 20
50 °C:  approx. 3
90 °C:  approx. 1

*) In order to meet durability class D4, application to both surfaces is
necessary. Tested at wood moisture content of 6 - 10 %, following the
EN 205, with a glue application of approx. 150 °C.

Technical Data:
Viscosity [mPas] : approx.6 000 (Brookfield)
Solids [%]:  approx. 49
Density[g/cm3]:  approx. 1.05
pH value: approx. 3
Min. temp. of film formation [°C]: approx. 6
Appearance of the glue film: colourless translucent




Machines and equipment may be cleaned after use with warm or cold water,
using Jowat® Cleaner Concentrate 192.40.


May be stored for 6 months after date of delivery ex production site in
properly closed original containers, cool and dry (15 - 25 °C). Protect against

Packaging: Type of packaging and units upon request.

For further information concerning handling, transport and disposal, please
refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.
Our information on this data sheet is based on test results from our
laboratories as well as on experience gained in the field by our customers. It
can, however, not cover all parameters for each specific application and is
therefore not binding for us. The information given in this leaflet represents
neither a performance guarantee nor a guarantee of properties, nature,
condition, state or quality. No liability may be derived from these indications
nor from the recommendations made by our free technical advisory service.