Edge banding unit RI-100


The edge banding unit RI-100 is suitable to band hot-melt coated edgings. Edgings of up to 56 mm width and 3 mm thickness can be processed due to the infinitely variable guide jaws.

This unit is particularly suitable for corner joint glueing, i.e. to glue the edging in the corner area. The edge banding unit RI-100 can be used on the right and left, to coat the left as well as the right corner area. 

A guide skid is installed in the edging exit area to fix the edging in its vertical run. In addition, a contact pressure pin is attached to this guide skid to allow the edging contact pressure through to the corner. In this manner, a strong bond is achieved between edging and workpiece even in the corner area. 

An edging guide is installed in the edging infeed area. This guide is adjusted according to the edging width.

The design of the edge banding unit RI-100 allows easy and precise glueing of the edging up to the corner area without problems.