Antistatic-Coolant spraying unit


To cool the glue joint and statically discharge the edging material


The antistatic coolant spraying unit shown in the picture on the left is the perfect supplement for release agent spraying unit fitted at the machine infeed and a cleaning agent spraying unit fitted at the machine outfeed. 

It can be fitted downstream of the last contact pressure roller, upstream of the cross cut saws or upstream of the radius milling stations. 

Following the edge banding process, the antistatic coolant LP289/99 is directly sprayed on the glue joint and on the edging material by means of spraying units. It assists curing the glue joint at the surface, thereby notably reducing the glue buildup on the tools and the undesired glue transfer from the tools onto the edging material. Furthermore, the edging material is statically discharged. Tracer rollers and workpieces remain free from milling chips. 

Milling off (flush trimming) the PVC or PP edges causes static charging of the edging material and the adjoining top and bottom face of the workpieces. Milled off chips adhere to the edging material and on the top and bottom face of the panel negatively impairing the function of the tracer rollers and making a precise finishing by scraper blades or milling impossible.




This unit remedies the above problems instantly !!!


Glue build-up on the tools is considerably reduced! No milling chips adhere to the edging material or to the top and bottom face of the workpieces to be processed.

Moreover, the chips are statically discharged and can be more easily taken into the air extraction system.