Sprayable contact adhesive Glukon

GLUKON premium gives a permanent, water resistant bond on a variety
of substrates with extremely high temperature stability. The high
solid content provides an excellent bond strength when single coating.
Unique to this product and revolutionary to the industry a second coat
reactivates the molecules increasing its strength by over 50%.
The adhesive can be used to bond a wide spectrum of materials including
decorative laminate, MDF, wood, most plastics and vinyl’s, rubber,
wall claddings, polythene, concrete, metal, fabric and many more.
It is important to test all the substrates to be bonded before going into production or undertaking a large contract.
It is the responsibility of the user to ensure the adhesive and substrates suitability. If you are unsure,
please do not hesitate to contact Böker-Spray Adhesives technical department who will be more than happy
to assist.


Technical Data:

Chemical Name:  Sprayable Contact Adhesive
Appearance: Clear Liquid
Glue % Solids: Premium 38% - 42%
Classic 28% - 34%
Specific Gravity: 1.19 + 0.02
Shear Adhesion: 100 psi
Failure Temperature: 130°C (Premium) 100°C (Classic)
Coverage: 15 - 18 m²/kg 
Available in (17kg) canisters or 500ml handycans.


Glukon01 Video

Bond with GLUKON

Glukon02 Video

Bond curved surfaces

Glukon03 Video

Floor bonding

Glukon04 Video

Stair assignment